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Spam Evangelism


My e-mail software allows me to set filters to prevent junk e-mails (called "spam") from being delivered to me. However, in prayer one day it occurred to me that if people send me unsolicited advertisements, they can hardly complain if I reply back to them with an evangelistic message! After all, they spammed me, I am not spamming them.

By setting my e-mail filters so that all unsolicited advertisements get delivered to my in-box, I am able to send out hundreds of evangelistic messages every month. I call this my "Spam Evangelism" campaign. Lately it seems like there has been an explosion in the number of "adult-only" advertisements that I have been receiving, and these people who are so ensnared in pornography are in desperate need of Christ. They probably are not visiting the multitude of Christian websites out there, but my Spam Evangelism campaign allows me to reach out to them with the message of God's love.

I have at least one online friend who has been threatened with termination by his Internet provider for sending out unsolicited evangelistic notes, but I have not received such treatment, praise the Lord! The beauty of this method is that I am able to reach out to thousands of people whom I would otherwise never know about, and I am sending them notes because they asked me to reply to them!

My Message

Here is the message that I am currently sending out to people. It is designed to be pleasant, cheerful, loving, and non-threatening. I have found that an offer to pray for people is almost always well-received and appreciated, and it can open a dialogue about God. Therefore, that is the main emphasis in this initial note.

I have noticed that some e-mails have the same address on the From line that is on the To line. I usually don't reply to those e-mails because I don't want to risk sending out unintentional spams to a distribution list. A lot of ReplyTo addresses turn out to be "auto-responders," which automatically send you a reply with more information on the product or service. Many times I receive messages back telling me that my mail cannot be delivered, because many people are now able to hide their true e-mail addresses. However, many more are not, so I leave it up to the Lord as to who receives my notes and who replies back to me. Sometimes I am blessed by receiving hate mail or "questioning" mail from non-believers, which allows me to demonstrate the love of Christ to them. Other times I am blessed by receiving kind notes from fellow Christians who appreciate receiving a cheerful note in the midst of all of the hate mail that spammers usually receive.

Here is the message that I am currently sending out to spammers, and it includes the Web address for my article on how to make certain that you are going to heaven. As you reply to spammers, be sure to pray for God to soften people's hearts to respond to your Spam Evangelism notes, and pray for God to cause the right people to receive your notes. Feel free to use this same message, or to modify it as you feel the Lord directing you:
Thank you for your offer!

Experience tells me that you probably receive many complaints as a result of doing online advertising, so I just wanted to send you some cheerful greetings and wish you a pleasant day.

I am not interested in your offer at this time, but I would like to extend an offer of prayer back to you. Whether you are a Christian or not, if you have any prayer needs then please let me know and I will forward them to my prayer team.

Prayer is powerful and effective, and we will be happy to pray for any needs you have, just let us know how we can help.

God truly loves you (John 3:16). He knows your name, He knows your situation, and if you are not a Christian then His fervent desire is to adopt you as His child. He would go to great lengths for the joy of having you as part of His family, even to the point of letting His only true Son be executed in your place so that you can be freed of all guilt and burdens. If you have any questions about God or spiritual matters then please send them to me and I will be happy to try to answer them for you.

I look forward to hearing from you, and may God abundantly bless you!

In His Love,
Dave Root

Online advertising is exploding all over the Internet, providing us with no end of evangelistic opportunities through Spam Evangelism. May the Lord be glorified online, and may He bless your own Spam Evangelism campaign!
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