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Why Should Anyone Become a Christian?


When I was 30, I was an agnostic who was interested in science. I felt that since there was no scientific evidence of God's existence, why should I believe in Him?

Perhaps you feel the same way. Perhaps there is a different reason why you don't believe in the God of the Bible. Whatever the reason, there's good news for you in this article!

First we'll take a look at science, then we'll find out a way to determine if the God of the Bible really exists, then we'll answer the question of "Why should anyone become a Christian?"

What Can Science Tell Us about God?

After being a Christian for many years, I'm still interested in science. The only magazine that I currently subscribe to is Popular Science, and two of my favorite non-fiction books are "The Elegant Universe" (and its sequel) by Brian Greene (both of which discuss string theory in depth). For Christmas a few weeks ago, I was happy to receive a book on the theory of relativity and a book on quantum physics.

Consider that if the God of the Bible created the universe, then scientists are simply discovering the physical laws which God established. Therefore, being a Christian does not mean that one must turn one's back on science!

Now, if we look at the universe from a human perspective, what do we see? Science tells us that we are living on a small planet orbiting a medium-sized star located out on one of many spiral arms of an ordinary galaxy which is just one of billions upon billions of galaxies in a universe which appears to be billions of years old. On this cosmic time-scale, humans have only been in existence for the blink of an eye. So consider one small race of humans (the Jews). What is the probability that their religious texts contain "The Truth" with no flaws or errors of any kind? From a human perspective, the very idea is not only ridiculous beyond imagination, it is also quite arrogant. And yet millions of people (including people who study the sciences, such as myself) believe those ancient Jewish religious texts! Perhaps there is a reason!

Pretend for a moment that the God of the Bible really exists, and try to imagine things from His perspective. According to the Bible, God created the universe, and therefore God must live somewhere outside of the universe. The Bible says that God has unlimited power, so it would be no problem for Him to create the entire universe in an instant. It would also be no problem for Him to create the universe "piece by piece" in six separate steps during a period which we would refer to as six days. For a spiritual Being who has unlimited power, it would be no problem to fashion a human male out of the dust of the ground and then breathe life into him, essentially creating him with the appearance of having lived for perhaps 15 years or more. The Bible says that God loved the Jews more than any other race of humans, and it would be no problem for Him to prompt certain Jews to write down the Truth. This would mean that God had the motive as well as the power to ensure that these writings were accurate, with no flaws or errors of any kind.

So when we look at the universe and human existence and the Bible and so on, it makes a huge difference whether we are looking at these things from a human perspective or from God's perspective! If the God of the Bible really does exist, then this has huge implications both now (during our brief lifetime) and in the afterlife (throughout all eternity). Therefore, it makes sense to get this issue settled while we still have time, because we never know when we will die, and there's no guarantee that we'll have a second chance to make the right choice after we die.

But is it possible to determine whether or not there is a God out there? From a human perspective, it's natural to expect that science can provide the answers. But let's take a look at science itself.

Imagine that you're holding a yellow balloon which has not yet been inflated. In your imagination, take a black pen and draw lots of black dots all over the yellow balloon. As you slowly inflate the balloon, the black dots all move away from each other, just as the galaxies in the universe are all moving away from each other. Many scientists use this illustration to describe the expansion of the universe (e.g. Expansion of the Universe Offsite Link).

The black dots on the balloon represent all of the physical matter in the universe. Notice that science can only measure and manipulate and analyze physical things, and notice that all physical things are stuck to the surface of this balloon that we call the universe. So imagine all of the "ink people" in the "ink galaxies" on your yellow balloon. They think that their "ink scientists" have made amazing advances in understanding their universe, but those "ink scientists" can't study anything other than the ink blobs on your yellow balloon. Those "ink scientists" can't study the yellow balloon itself. Those "ink scientists" can't study the air inside of your yellow balloon. Those "ink scientists" can't see you holding the yellow balloon. Those "ink scientists" can't see the room that you're standing in or the world around you, and so on. You could inflate hundreds of "balloon universes" with ink blobs on them, but the "ink scientists" on each balloon will never be able to see any of the other balloon universes. So in the grand scheme of things, those "ink scientists" are quite limited concerning the things they can study. In exactly the same way, human scientists are quite limited concerning the things they can study! All physical matter in the universe is stuck to the surface of the universe, so all of science is stuck to the surface of the universe. If we expect that science should be able to tell us anything about God then we are placing too much faith in science! Remember, if the God of the Bible exists then He is a non-physical spirit who lives outside of the physical universe because He created the physical universe. Therefore, it is unreasonable to think that science should be able to prove or disprove anything about God.

Let me repeat that point, because it is very significant. It is unreasonable to think that science should be able to prove or disprove anything about God. The scientific method is based on performing repeatable experiments on physical objects and then analyzing the results, so it is unreasonable to have any faith that the scientific method can provide answers or information about a non-physical spirit-being such as God.

Since science cannot help us determine if there are any "gods" or "spirit beings" out there somewhere, this means that we must look elsewhere in order to answer this question.

So let's look at something that Jesus said in the Bible:
"No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him" (John 6:44)
If the Bible is true then God "draws" people to Jesus. In other words, God does not prove His existence to people through human science or human logic, but instead He quietly and gently "draws" people deep down inside. This means that God doesn't force anyone to believe in Him, but instead He has given us free will to accept or reject Him.

One Way to Determine if God Really Exists

If the Bible is true then you're not going to find God through logic or through science, but instead you will find Him deep within yourself, gently "drawing" you to Him. God loves you like a Daddy, but infinitely more than our human love for our children! His goal is to be in a close and loving relationship with you, a personal one-on-one relationship, and that is the reason why you are here on earth. He wants to be with you! He didn't want you to be a robot that He must program to love Him, but instead He wants you to genuinely love Him. This required giving you free will to choose whether to love Him or to reject Him, because love is only genuine if it is freely given from the heart.

Now watch! If God quietly and gently "draws" us to Him deep down inside, then this means that we have a way to find out if the God of the Bible really exists!

When you're ready to make an honest attempt to determine if God really exists and really loves you, then try this: In the New Testament of the Bible, the Gospel of John has 21 chapters. Make a commitment to read one chapter a day, and each day before you begin reading just ask God to reveal Himself to you, such as:
"God, if You're really out there as the Bible says, then I need to know it. Please reveal Yourself to me as I read the Bible today."
You won't understand everything that you read in the Gospel of John, and you don't need to believe it at this point, just read it and see what it says. Listen to your conscience while you're reading, and throughout the rest of the day. At some point, you will probably notice "something" deep down inside of you, quietly loving you and wanting a relationship with you. That "something" is God the Father gently drawing you to His Son, Jesus, patiently waiting until you stop struggling against Him and turn your life over to Jesus.

This is the reason why millions of people (including people who study the sciences, such as myself) are able to believe those ancient Jewish religious texts. It's not due to human science or human logic, it's because we have a close and personal relationship with God through His Son Jesus. Because we know God, we believe in the things of God (such as the Bible).

Don't worry if you're having a hard time believing that the Bible is true. God doesn't expect non-Christians to believe the Bible (see for example 1 Corinthians 2:12-14). After you have a close and personal relationship with God, then He will help you see that the Bible is true, which means that the "sacred writings" from all other religions are false. The saying that "all roads lead to God" is not true because the Bible says that the only road which leads to God is through faith in Jesus as our Savior. In other words, when God opens your eyes to see that the Bible is true, then you'll understand that all other spiritual beliefs are false.

Why Should You Become a Christian?

Imagine that a man knocks on your front door at night and wants to come in and talk to you. Would you let him into your house?

Depends on who he is, right?

If he is a friend or a family member, then you would probably let him in.

But what if he is a suspected serial killer? What if you recognize him as a suspected rapist or burglar or child molester?

Would it matter to you if he has done way more "good deeds" than "bad deeds"? Wouldn't it still be against your nature to let him into your house?

What if we want to be allowed into heaven (God's house)? Will He let us in?

Here's the problem. Did you know that God sees every crime that we commit against Him? Every time we reject Him. Every time we use His Name improperly. Every time we lie. Every time we steal something, no matter how small it is. Every time we cheat in any way. Every time we have sex outside of marriage. God sees and hears everything that we do and say, so we have never gotten away with anything! There's not a person alive who deserves to go to heaven. I have a sin nature, and you have a sin nature, and God won't allow any sin into heaven.

Therefore, God will not allow everyone into heaven. Will He let you in? The Bible says that no-one is "good enough" to make it into heaven. No-one. We all need forgiveness so that we don't have any sins on our records.

The word "sin" refers to anything which is against the nature of God. God is not going to let certain people into His house (heaven) because their sins are against His nature, such as lying, stealing, premarital sex, adultery, murder, rejecting God, and so on.

Unfortunately, we have all done some of those things! If God had a file on each of us, our files would be crammed with the sins that we have committed during our lives! We think that murder is a worse crime than telling a small lie, but God hates all sins equally! Therefore, God cannot and will not allow any people into His house (heaven) who have any sins in their file because all of those sins are against His nature.

Notice that millions of people are dying, day after day, year after year. Where are they all going? Are they regretting the choices that they made on earth?

One day you too will be dead, and you never know when it will happen! Then you will be on the other side of death with no chance to come back and make things right. Where will you go? Will you be in anguish because of the poor choices that you made on earth?

You might think that God is unfair about who is allowed into heaven, but remember that God is not the guilty one. We are the guilty ones. All of us have broken His laws and deserve to stand guilty before Him on Judgment Day.

The good news is that God has provided a way for you to be forgiven of your sins so that you can be allowed into heaven. Jesus is the Son of God who was born as a human in order to take your punishment by being brutally tortured and executed on a cross. Then God raised Jesus from the dead. Jesus paid the price for your sins, but you must accept His sacrifice in your place.

No other religious leader ever paid for your sins, so no other religion or spiritual beliefs can save you. You can accept Jesus' payment in your place so that you will go to heaven, or you can pay for your sins yourself, forever, in hell.

The way to accept Jesus' payment in your place is by faith. Whisper a prayer to ask God to forgive you, such as:
"God, I know that I have sinned against You! In Jesus' Name I ask You to forgive all of my sins. I now turn away from my sinful past, and in faith I turn to the living Jesus as my Savior. I accept Jesus' death on the cross in my place, and I confess that His blood has paid for all of my sins. Jesus, please make me the person that You want me to be. Thank You! In Jesus' Name, amen."
If you prayed this sincerely then you are now a Christian and you will go to heaven when you die! You're saved from the penalty of your sins! It's not because of a prayer, but because of your faith in Jesus as your Savior. God has forgiven all of your past sins! Sometimes you will sin again, but you will still be 100% righteous by faith in Jesus. When you sin, ask God for forgiveness and He will forgive you! Ask Him to show you the right church to go to, then talk to the church leaders about what you should do next (being baptized, for example). Read the Bible every day so that God can reveal spiritual truths to you. The "Gospel of John" is a good place to start (if you have already read it, you might try reading it again now that you are a Christian), then the book of "Acts."

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If you made the decision to turn to Jesus as your Savior, that's awesome! You have an amazing journey ahead of you as He gently and patiently leads you to learn more about Him and to become more like Him!

To help you get started on this journey, and to help you know for certain that you will go to heaven after you die, please consider taking a look at my article called How to Be Certain That You Will Go to Heaven.

Please feel free to email me ( whenever you have any questions or prayer requests, and may the Lord abundantly bless you in every way!
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