My prayer is that the information in these articles will help you and encourage you to go out and share your faith with friends, neighbors, relatives, co-workers, and people that you meet throughout the day!

  • How to Be Effective in Evangelism
  • Describes some simple ways to become effective in sharing the Gospel.
    Added on 04/14/2008

  • Why Should Anyone Become a Christian?
  • A Web version of the evangelistic bookmarks that I make and hand out to people. This makes it easy to present the Gospel message to someone over the Internet.
    Last updated on 09/08/2006

  • Make Your Own Evangelistic Bookmarks
  • It's been my experience that people might take a Christian tract, but by their expressions it's sometimes painfully obvious that they will probably end up throwing it away. It never ceases to amaze me, however, that when I hand out these bookmarks to people, they usually react favorably and even thank me for the gift!
    Last updated on 07/29/2008

  • Is Baptism Required for Salvation?
  • I don't believe that water baptism is a requirement for salvation, and this six-part series explains why.
    Last updated on 11/04/2008

  • How to Be Certain That You Will Go to Heaven
  • Here's how to be certain beyond all doubt that you will go to heaven when you die.
    Last updated on 07/29/2003

  • Modern Phrases and Expressions in the Bible
  • It's fascinating how many "modern" expressions come from the Bible (or at least were used in Biblical times), and these expressions can be useful for starting a conversation with someone about Christ. When you hear someone use one of these phrases, simply point out that the expression is in the Bible and you automatically have an opening for turning the conversation toward the Bible and Jesus Christ.
    Last updated on 04/02/2006

  • The Evidence for the Death and Resurrection of Jesus
  • There's an amazing amount of evidence in Scripture and in other accounts which proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Jesus died and that He was supernaturally resurrected back to life.
    Last updated on 05/29/2001

  • Scientific Evidence for the Existence of God?
  • Are there "hidden codes" in the Torah (the first five books of the Bible) which could only have been put there by God? This article describes some of the overwhelming scientific evidence which seems to indicate that these codes actually do exist in the Bible, and that only God could have put them there. World-class experts in mathematics, statistics, and so on (most of them atheists) have done their best to find any flaws in this research, but nobody has ever been able to convincingly disprove the existence of these codes and end the debate.
    Last updated on 01/16/2002

  • Why Did Millions of People All Over the World Suddenly Vanish?
  • I believe that the Bible says that one day millions of people all over the world will suddenly "vanish." If this has not yet happened, please consider printing out this article and putting it in a place where you or your loved ones can easily find it. If you or your loved ones don't "vanish" along with the rest of us, this article will explain what has happened, what is going to happen, and what you need to do.
    Last updated on 03/18/2001

  • Salvation Terminology
  • When discussing salvation, Christians sometimes use terms such as "propitiation," "justification," and so on. This article describes the meanings of many of these terms and provides Scripture references for them.
    Last updated on 03/10/2006

  • Spam Evangelism
  • In prayer one day it occurred to me that if people send me unsolicited advertisements, they can hardly complain if I reply back to them with an evangelistic message! After all, they spammed me, I am not spamming them. I call this my "Spam Evangelism" campaign. These "spammers" might not be visiting any Christian websites, but my Spam Evangelism campaign allows me to reach out to them with the message of God's love.
    Last updated on 03/16/2001