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The following articles are studies on various Scriptural topics, based on questions that I have received from people.

If you have any questions about God, the Bible, etc., please feel free to send them to me at, and I'll reply by e-mail. As time permits and as the Lord leads me, I might turn my reply into an article and then add it to this "Questions and Answers" section, but your personal information will never be posted here or shared with anyone.

  • Is Jesus Really God?
    Demonstrates from Scripture that Jesus truly is God.
    Last updated on 08/18/2005
  • Was Jesus Just a Great Teacher?
    Jesus did not leave us the option of believing that He was simply a moral man and a great teacher. Jesus claimed divine authority for Himself, which means that He was either lying, or else He was insane, or else He was actually God. The "liar" option and the "insane" option don't stand up to scrutiny, so the only other choice is that He is God, just as He claimed to be.
    Last updated on 05/27/2001
  • Why Isn't God Delivering Me from My Suffering? Why Isn't God Answering My Prayers?
    Sometimes we have to go through a "wilderness season" as God prepares us for the new thing that He has in mind for us. Consider that we can't build strong muscles by lifting feathers, and in a similar way we can't become strong warriors for Christ by only going through easy times. This article provides some suggestions of what to do while you are in "the wilderness."
    Last updated on 07/19/2003
  • Do Christians Believe in Three Gods?
    Demonstrates that the Father is God, and that the Holy Spirit is a divine Person (not an impersonal force) and that the Holy Spirit is God. Combining this information with my article called "Is Jesus Really God?" (above), we can see that there is one God who exists in three divine Persons. So even though the Bible never uses the term "Trinity," the concept of the Trinity is clearly taught in Scripture.
    Last updated on 05/27/2001
  • Is the Bible Trustworthy?
    Skeptics claim that the Bible is full of inaccuracies and contradictions. This article shows that the Bible is trustworthy and without errors or contradictions.
    Last updated on 06/15/2002
  • Will Sinners Burn in Hell Forever?
    Some people believe that sinners (i.e. those who never receive salvation) will be totally annihilated, and others believe that all sinners will ultimately receive salvation. However, I believe that the Scriptural evidence shows that sinners will be in conscious torment and agony for all eternity, with no hope of escape.
    Last updated on 04/09/2005
  • Do You Interpret Creation Literally?
    God is much too specific in the Bible about the six days of Creation, and about the creation of Adam and Eve, for us to misinterpret these things as evolution. God knows much more than human scientists do, and we can trust what He wrote in His Book!
    Last updated on 07/16/2002
  • Who Wrote the New Testament?
    The books in our modern New Testaments (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, etc.) are not presented in the order in which they were originally written. The approximate dates when all of the books of the New Testament are believed to have been written, as well as approximate dates for the birth of Jesus, the death of Jesus, the birth of the Church at Pentecost, the deaths of some of the apostles, the compiling and canonizing of Scripture, and the addition of chapter numbers and verse numbers, are described in this article.
    Last updated on 04/02/2006
  • Can Christians Drink Alcohol?
    When we study the Greek words for "wine," "fruit of the vine," etc., the evidence strongly indicates that Jesus and the apostles never drank alcoholic wine, nor did they ever approve of alcohol. This would mean that Christians have no Scriptural support for drinking any alcohol, even in moderation.
    Last updated on 06/06/2004
  • Are Gentile Christians All "Spiritual Jews"?
    The New Testament makes many distinctions between Christian Jews and Christian Gentiles, and it makes many distinctions between Israel and the Church. The weight of Scriptural evidence shows that the Church has not "replaced" Israel, and the Church has not "taken over" the promises from Israel, and Gentile Christians are not "spiritual Jews."
    Last updated on 06/23/2009
  • Can Christians Lose Their Salvation?
    I believe that as long as we have faith in Jesus as our risen Savior then we have eternal security, but this doesn't mean that the "Once Saved Always Saved" doctrine is accurate.
    Last updated on 09/01/2005
  • Is the NIV Bloodless and Corrupt?
    Neither the KJV nor the NIV is perfect (nor is any other version of the Bible that is available to us), but the weight of evidence shows that the KJV and the NIV and certain other versions are worthy to be used in Bible study, teaching, preaching, devotions, and so on.
    Last updated on 07/29/2009
  • If a Baby Dies, Does It Automatically Go to Heaven?
    Scripture seems to support the idea that if a child dies before reaching an "age of accountability," that child will go to heaven.
    Last updated on 12/07/2005
  • Can Women Teach and Be Pastors, etc.?
    Examines most of the difficult passages in the New Testament concerning women.
    Last updated on 11/04/2005
  • What Is the "Baptism of Fire"?
    Discusses various views that people have concerning "the baptism of fire."
    Last updated on 08/21/2003
  • Should We Anoint with Oil?
    Examines all of the New Testament passages on anointing with oil.
    Added on 07/11/2002
  • How Did Jesus "Become Sin"?
    We can be confident that Jesus' punishment perfectly satisfied the Father's righteous requirement, as this article shows.
    Last updated on 08/11/2006
  • Are Instruments Allowed in Church?
    Discusses the Scriptural evidence which indicates that the New Testament does not forbid using musical instruments in church.
    Last updated on 11/26/2003
  • Is It Scriptural to Be "Slain in the Spirit"?
    When the awesome power of God touches a person in a special way, it can easily cause a physical reaction in the frail human body and the frail human nervous system. People's hands or bodies might shake, their knees might get weak or wobbly, they might fall to the ground, and so on. Those who have never experienced the Holy Spirit in such a tangible way might think that a person is faking this or is demonized or something, which can sometimes be the case. However, the power of God is real, and God sometimes "touches" people in special ways.
    Last updated on 11/11/2003
  • Is Contemporary Christian Music Demonic?
    After praying about this issue and studying the Bible and studying the arguments that people have made, I believe that there is nothing demonic about contemporary Christian music in general.
    Last updated on 04/02/2006
  • Is Premarital Sex a Sin?
    This article describes the Scriptural evidence which shows that premarital sex is a sin.
    Last updated on 09/30/2009
  • Is Masturbation a Sin?
    Masturbation is one of those subjects that brings out strong emotional reactions in Christians, but it's important to guard against letting our feelings dictate our beliefs. As this article describes, the Bible never says or implies or hints that masturbation is a sin.
    Last updated on 11/12/2008
  • Is Homosexuality a Sin?
    I would have no desire and no reason to dispute homosexual marriages if the greatest weight of Scriptural evidence supported any type of same-sex unions, but I just don't see that support in the Bible.
    Last updated on 06/07/2004
  • Is It Possible that There Is Intelligent Life on Other Planets?
    There are a number of Scriptural reasons for believing that intelligent life doesn't exist anywhere else but on earth.
    Added on 04/04/2002
  • Is Interracial Dating/Marriage a Sin?
    I don't see anything in the Bible against interracial marriage.
    Added on 07/08/2002
  • What Is Calvinism?
    I believe that both Calvinism and Arminianism are flawed doctrines.
    Last updated on 02/20/2005
  • How Do You Study the Bible?
    Offers a number of ideas and suggestions to help you study the Bible by describing some things that I have found helpful in my own Bible studies.
    Last updated on 07/16/2009
  • Did Jesus Go to Hell after He Died?
    Examines various terms such as "Hades," "Sheol," "Tartarus," "Gehenna," "The Lake of Fire," etc., in order to better understand what and where "Hell" is. This helps us determine whether or not Jesus went to "Hell," and what He might have done there.
    Last updated on 09/28/2007
  • Is Modern Israel a Fulfillment of Prophecy?
    This article shows that the "land promise" which God made to Abraham has never been fulfilled. This article also shows that two worldwide regatherings of Israel were prophesied in Scripture, and the first regathering will be while the Jews are in an unrepentant state. This prophesied regathering is currently underway, and the modern country of Israel is a fulfillment of end-times Bible prophecy.
    Last updated on 09/22/2009
  • Do You Believe the "Gap Theory"?
    According to the Gap Theory, Genesis 1:1 describes the creation of the heavens and the earth, but then there's a "gap" of millions or billions of years between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2. I believe that the arguments against the Gap Theory far outweigh the arguments that are used to support it.
    Added on 02/26/2003
  • Does the Bible Say Whether or Not Reincarnation Is Real?
    Shows that the idea of reincarnation is not Scriptural.
    Added on 10/04/2003