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Various Christian Topics
The following articles are studies on various Scriptural topics.

  • How to Hear the Voice of God
    You can hear the voice of God, and this article will help you.
    Last updated on 10/23/2003
  • Scriptural Ways to Grow in Spiritual Maturity
    Describes some Scriptural things you can do to grow in spiritual maturity.
    Last updated on 04/21/2007
  • Are You Sure You Believe what the Bible Says?
    Several years ago, God showed me something which shocked me and challenged all of my Christian beliefs and theology. I pray that as you read this article you will "see" your Christian views, opinions, beliefs, doctrines, and theology in a new light. When I saw this truth, it set me on a path which caused me to revise some of my Christian beliefs, and I thank God for that. I pray that the same thing will happen to you (if it's God's will) as you read this article.
    Last updated on 06/30/2009
  • Loving and Praising Jesus
    Do you love Jesus with all your heart? Do you love Jesus with all your soul? Do you love Jesus with all your mind? Do you love Jesus with all your strength?

    We are commanded to love Him that much! (see Matthew 22:37-38, Mark 12:30).
    Last updated on 10/04/2001
  • Covenants, Dispensations, and the Ten Commandments
    This three-part series examines the covenants that God has made with people throughout history, and the different ways that God has administered or dispensed His authority during different time periods, and how the Ten Commandments relate to Christians.
    Last updated on 04/03/2007
  • Must Christians Tithe Ten Percent?
    For years I was a cheerful tither, until I studied everything that the Bible says about tithing and giving.
    Last updated on 08/17/2008
  • An Introduction to Spiritual Warfare
    This two-part series is intended to be an introduction to the subject of spiritual warfare. The point of this study is not to focus on demons but rather to gain a deeper understanding of who we are in Christ and the authority that we have over the demonic realm. In order to be effective soldiers for Christ, it's helpful for us to understand the nature of our enemy.
    Last updated on 05/30/2001
  • The Biblical Evidence Against the Theories of Evolution
    This article shows that the Creation account and the theory of evolution contradict each other on essentially every point. They can't be combined into a single explanation as many Christians want to do.
    Last updated on 05/01/2004
  • Praying in the Spirit Involves Speaking in Tongues
    "Praying in the Spirit" and "praying in tongues" are simply two ways of saying the same thing, as this article demonstrates.
    Last updated on 08/11/2006
  • The Baptism of the Holy Spirit
    This three-part series takes a look at the "mainline" and "charismatic" views of the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and it shows that only the "charismatic" view has the greatest weight of Scriptural support.
    Last updated on 02/16/2009
  • How to Receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit
    This article describes how to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.
    Last updated on 11/16/2007
  • Bible Quiz
    This "quiz" contains some interesting Bible passages, many of which tend to be misquoted. How many of these questions can you get right?
    Last updated on 10/08/1997